On-site and remote Adobe Flex Development

  • Developing MVC-based components
  • Managing data sources and services
  • Optimizing start-up procedures
  • Creating custom components
  • Designing APIs and frameworks

Deke is expert with ActionScript, MXML, CSS, HTML, XML, Flex/Flash component development, component skinning, Adobe AIR, and Apache ANT. He has connected Flex and Flash applications to servers using JSON, AMF/Flash Remoting, REST, XML-RPC and SOAP. He has worked with several APIs in a production environment. Some of those include XIFF and FlexUnit. He is familiar with most Adobe applications and is expert with Flash, Flex Builder, DreamWeaver and Fireworks. He has set up both Apache Web servers and TomCat Web servers. He has worked with MVC micro-frameworks, including PureMVC. He is familiar with several standards such as SCORM, W3C DOM, XSD, IMS, XSLT, 508 and HTTP. He has begun to program in Java for the Google Android and Objective C for the iPhone. He has been paid to created a couple of projects in Perl and his head is still reeling.

He enjoys learning and will immerse himself into a problem to find a suitable solution.